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Ooh crowdfunding has never sounded so enticing~ Excellent work, Harry.

Besides being really adorable, I learned a few things today. c:

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This first episode left me in tears of laughter, multiple replays, and simply having me wanting more and more come out from these two beautifully deranged sociopaths!

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This is, and always will be, a beautiful story to look back at. To "play" through this was really unexpected and I'm glad to of given it a chance.

It was both cute and exciting to play for such a simple game.

I couldn't stop once I got started.

First off, the score was easily my most favorite thing about Traitor! Though, a part of me wishes that there were at least a couple more to in the game to listen to, but man were they full of tension and guitar rifts~

The art design for the game was incredible! I really do love the amount of detail that was put into each art asset with such simple lines, especially the craters.

At first, the game was starting to feel a little too easy near the end but it was worth going through all of the galaxies to improve your ship and tag yourself with alliances. They weren't too much of a help, but it was worth getting them (allies 3 and 4 were the most help). I have to say, I felt pretty let down by the end bosses, they felt like normal enemies near the half mark.

I would really like to see more games from this person!

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Wow, it's as if I'm going back in time with Banjo and Kazooie.

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Really interesting perspective, it gives a good sense of motion and I love how you colored it. Great work!

These are incredible, my favorite is most definitely the original. Beautiful work.

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I'm very much impressed with the amount of detail that was put into making him look so morbid and infested. I can see what you'd be so proud of this.

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I am an artist with the interest in becoming a video game developer but I also wish to take up voice acting as a personal interest/hobby. I'm also trying to learn how to animate.

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