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Entry #1

I've Stubbed my Big Computer Toe

12/8/12 by OverlyEquipped

First thing is first; I had found both my Mega Man X and Chill Penguin for those who don't know and who might of messaged me in the past week or so.

KaggyVA voices Mega Man X

Shock-Dingo voices Chill Penguin

I understand that I should have made this apparent after the fact, and really there isn't much I can say besides big things have been stopping me from making a simple post about it, which I'll address below.

Alright, so recently I've found out that my copy of Adobe Premiere will simply not work with my video drivers. They were updated many months ago and no updates have been found to install since. This is a problem for me because I wasn't honestly expecting to do the entire project in Flash. I used to think that After Effects will fill in the roll of video editing, but boy was I wrong.

So now I've got to contact Hewlett Packard to see if my warranty will be accepted for a proper driver update. . . which should of been the case to begin with, but I'm not really good at tech-spec shopping so that's me to blame there. No big worries, but it sucks to know that so early in the process of starting out on NewGrounds and in-general really--In December even, shit.

.. Man, Christmas is coming close.


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